Welcome Ali!

Hey guys,

My past week was very exciting. I couldn’t get this email out on Saturday as we had a full slate of work to do rather than pday, but I have a couple of minutes today to fire this off. As I always say- good things are happening here in Berlin.

I’ll start with the highlight which was our good friend Ali getting baptized. Ali has been investigating the church for a year. He comes to church every week, participates in activities and pray/reads in the scriptures every day. He decided back when he was in Iran that he was a Christian. He came to the conclusion that Christ is his Savior. So…he took off, he left. He fled to Germany as a refugee not only to get away from war, but mainly so that he could live as a Christian and not be killed for it. It’s been a grind for him to reach a point where he is safe enough to be baptized. Due to his situation and for his own safety, he’s had to wait a long time to be baptized. With no support from his family or really from anyone back home, he stepped into the water today and made a covenant with the Lord. As we were changing our clothes he looks at me and goes “I was born today!” Does it get any better than that?? It was priceless. The ward was absolutely thrilled. It was miracle, it was a historic day and I’m very very excited for what is to come. The guy is very missionary minded and will be the future to many Middle Eastern christians who will join the church. Very, very good stuff. The picture of course, is below.

On Wednesday we went out to Stadthagen, a city northwest of Hannover. We met with a man preparing for baptism as well as helped the program there find a few new investigators. The lesson with the investigator was a total highlight as the guy has been keeping commitments, coming to church and praying. The guy even totally changed his work schedule so he could attend church. But he gave us that same old “I haven’t gotten my answer yet.” He knows it’s true, but doesn’t know if he has his answer to be baptized. We reminded him of the experiences he’s had with missionaries and what he’s felt in church. We asked him how it’s all felt. And he said it’s been “great! I feel good”…well…there’s you’re answer. We told him God wouldn’t just walk into the room and tell him it’s the right thing to do. No, it doesn’t work like that. It’s a still small voice and one you really need to look out for. Then, you make a decision. God doesn’t decide for you, doesn’t work like that. Sisters Busche and Ahlers were with us at the lesson and they totally killed it-as did the joint teach who was with us. It was one of those priceless lessons where you straight preach! Everyone was just going hard. Isn’t that the best? He should be getting baptized on March 11 if things continue to go well.

We have also been working a lot with younger people the past few days. For lunch we have been going into the university cafeterias and have been talking to students. They generally have an interest and curiosity for religion. It’s fun and refreshing talking to people about religion who are my age.

We are also really making a push on family history. Not only do we want new members to do their temple work, but family history is a way in which we find more happiness. It helps us connect with our families even better and learn new things about where we came from. All good stuff. At the bottom of this email I have a picture of my great grandfather trespassing onto the Golden Gate Bridge during the early construction of it.

I love you all. Be a role model to everyone! President Eyring says “You can be a great model, an average one, or a bad model. You may think it doesn’t matter to you, but it does to the Lord.” Go out and serve other people πŸ™‚

Big big big shouts to my brother Weston Nearon–called to serve in the Chile, Osorno Mission! Kill it my friend!!

Much love,

Elder Nearon

1) Ali’s Baptism
2-3) Adventures in Stadthagen w/ Elder Heywood and the Stadthagen crew
4) Burgermeister after a district meeting last week with elders Ringger, Mika and Tischner
5) great grandfather Nearon trespassing on the Golden Gate Bridge during early construction stages



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