“Stretch, Don’t Stress”

Hey guys,

Well, it was Mission Tour week! That means we had a lot to do. Lots to plan, prepare and execute and it went really well. Elder Gary B. Sabin from the seventy came to our mission and I gotta say, the guy is just a total stud.

We had a conference with the west side of the mission on Wednesday in Hamburg and it was just terrific. Thursday we were with the eastern half in Berlin and then of course on Friday it all came to an end with MLC in Berlin. 18 hours worth of meetings- not counting the much preparation. The mission Tour was a total home run. Elder Sabin would go up to the podium without notes or scripts or anything and he would teach according to the spirit. It was interesting to see as both the western and the eastern conferences were very different based off of the spiritual impressions that Elder Sabin got. They were emotional meetings; spiritually intense and really a lot was learned. At MLC we reconvened with the leaders of the mission to set goals and make plans of action for what we can do to bring things to an even higher level. Before both conferences we got the leaders together minutes before the conference and Elder Sabin encouraged us to think of the question “therefore, what?” To say the least, the spirit was very very present at the conference. I got so much out of this past week, it’s crazy! I wish I could share it all.

Today for pday we went around and saw all of the various sights of Berlin along with one of my best friends and biggest role models, Marcus. We had a great time. Pic at the bottom.

Being with a general authority the past week, I’ve heard really a lot of wisdom. One of the rather simple things he shared with us is that he gave us the reminder to never ever forget who we are. That we should always remember our true identity. Let me also say that when  we understand true doctrine, we will then understand our true identity. When we forget who we really are, we lose good habits and then become somebody we aren’t supposed to become or to say it in a different way- we don’t live up to our true potential. If we remember who we are, we will always know that we are children of God and that we are on the path to get back to Him and will be able to progress forever. Guys, President Eyring says that “most of heavens messages are unheeded…we don’t get them. Because we are ‘too busy.”‘ That’s powerful and something to always keep in mind.

Sorry that i didn’t give you a whole lot of stores or experiences this past week. A lot happened and it’s really really hard to summarize. Life is good! Back on the grind this upcoming week! I love this work.

Love you all!
Elder Nearon

1) Elder Somma and I with Elder Sabin
2) west side of mission
3) east side of mission
4) with Elder Sterri
5) Some friends
6) with our guy Marcus!!!–I love this guy



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