Berlin Takeover

IMG_0151IMG_0152IMG_0153Friends and Family,

Hi. Well, I’ll start you off with transfers. As you know I’m heading into the final transfer of my mission-it’ll be a quick 5 weeks transfer. With Elder Somma going home, my new companion will be Elder Lex (from Linz, Austria 🇦🇹 ). Elder Lex has been out for almost year and he’s just a total stud. I can’t wait to work with him and see what we can do in these next five weeks.

Monday we had an all access private tour of the United States embassy here in Berlin. It was really amazing. I have pictures but not with me….next week!

This week was pretty unusual. I guess none of my weeks are “usual weeks” but this one had a lot of different type of work. We are preparing for a huuuuge easter initiate called #PrinceOfPeace or in German #FürstDesFriedens We made a loooot of plans to make this initiative huge! All across northern Germany-especially in Berlin. We will have huge signs, banners, advertisements in major train stations, in public transportation, on taxi cars, posters everywhere all over the city, etc. The city of Berlin will be completely decked out. We really believe that this massive campaign will reach a lot of people and spark a curiosity to learn more about the savior and His atonement. We are going totally all out doing way more than what we’ve ever done in the past. A lot of my week has been spent trying to find ways to work with advertising agencies as well as the church to try to make all of this come to life. We’ve been really grinding and doing everything we can. Really, really big things are coming.
In the coming weeks we will lead presentations for missionaries, stake presidencies, and other ward members all across northern Germany who have interest in helping to contribute to making this initiative come to life. Den Deutschen die meine Emails lesen: ich hoffe dass ihr alle kommen könnt! Die Missionare die in euren Gebieten dienen, werden euch Bescheid geben! Echt spannend! Im really excited- we have unlimited possibilities here.

We are busy, busy, busy here. I gotta run. Sorry I couldn’t write a more exciting email. A lot happened but I just don’t have the time. We are sprinting!! Stay tuned!

Love you guys! Thanks for your love and support!
Elder Nearon

1) #FürstDesFriedens
2) Pretty Berlin day–my favorite shopping over to the right 😉
3) ran into some friends at the Temple yesterday



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