Can’t stop, won’t stop πŸƒπŸ»

Hey guys,

I had a great week here in the capital. 🏰

As I told you last week, we are giving “Vollgas” to make the coming Easter initiative a ginormous campaign here in Berlin and all across northern Germany. On Thursday we set the office up into a studio and broadcasted meetings out to every zone in which President/Elder Lex and I taught the mission on what we can do to set goals, to use our resources and to involve members to spread the message. We also showed them the actual initiative video itself which I think got a lot of missionaries stoked. In case you’re wondering, we continue to make things happen. We will have advertisements in Google as well as Facebook in addition to everything we have. Yesterday we went to the taxi companies in Berlin and gave them the designs to print the wraps out for the taxis cars. Like I said, big things are happenings. Over the course of the next two weeks Elder Lex and I will be traveling to each stake center in the mission and will hold a meeting with all stake presidencies, bishops, Ward mission leaders and all other interested members. Every night we will be revealing the video to these members and talking about what we can do to make this initiative the best initiative ever.

What else happened this week? Well, we went out to Hannover for a day! In Hannover there are six Iranian people who are set to be baptized. We drove out to Hannover to support these missionaries and we brought Ali (who we baptized four weeks ago) to teach in Persian. And man did Ali perform! None of us non Iranians understood what was going on but it was super obvious and clear that Ali was teaching amazingly well. The Iranians where soooo stoked and Ali was teaching perfectly to their understanding. He committed all of them to keep the commandments and committed all of them to be baptized next weekend. It was suuuuper spiritual and the people loved him–he’s a big people’s person. I can’t think of anything more ideal than a new convert teaching others and helping them to baptism. Really really good stuff.

We also had new missionaries come into the mission! Since the Freiberg temple is closed due to cleaning, we picked missionaries up from Tegel Airport in Berlin and had orientation in the mission office. Usually for us, the first week of the transfer is spent in Freiberg…so this was new. One of the new elders “Elder Nweze” is from Nigeria. He was born on the street and grew up like that. Nobody (even he himself) has any idea how old he is. He also doesn’t know how to read or write. But man the guy is amazing. He has an amazing story, powerful testimony and we are super excited for him to work in this mission. Soooo freaking cool! We have a lot of really special missionaries in this mission.

We spent a little time out of Berlin (but in our area) In a city just outside of Berlin city limits called JΓΌterbog where we met with Joseph, a new member who moved here to play professional soccer. He’s been a member for just over a year but he’s never been to temple. We are changing that and will go to the temple next week together. We will also be taking Ali, Rose and Silvester and get any of our other Berlin converts who can come.

This weekend is my fourth stake conference in Berlin. As you know I’ve been in Berlin for pretty much my whole mission. I looooove this place with all my heart. The members, the non members, the sights, the sounds, etc. This is place is home. And I’m so so so grateful for every day I have serve here. You know that feeling in baseball when you take a step off of the pitchers mound or out of the batters box and you look around, take a deep breath and think to yourself “I’m living the dream!” ? That’s exactly how I feel. I love the place.

And I love all of you! Have a great week!

Much love,
Elder Nearon

1) U-S E-M-B-A-S-S-Y –private tour. The Quadriga from the Brandenburg gate on the right, Reichstag in the back
2) goodbye Elder Somma
3) hello Elder Lex
4) the Dahlem Crew
5) never a dull day






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