The birth of online proselyting

Hey friends and fam,

This one is rushed. Apologies in advance for weird auto correct errors and bad grammar.

My week was a lot like last week, yet fulfilling and exciting. The lord is moving at a fast pace.

We went on interview tour week two with President Fingerle and had the chance once again to visit every district meeting and share the video as well as our vision and goals for the coming easter initiative. In the evening we met with various ward and stake leaders from each stake with a meeting on how members can contribute to the initiate. These meeting were always a ton of fun. I don’t know if you can tell or not, but this initiate in very very professionally well done- and just really set up for success. That’s really cool to see for many German members.

Of course… These meetings were running too smoothly, something had to go wrong at some point. Our blue Opel car (der combo) finally gave in. On the autobahn, our car wouldn’t shift gears (for the combo, that’s normal). We ended up having to sit there for a couple hours before we were towed away to a small village and then had the van brought to us. In the end it took 12 hours to get from Berlin to Oldenburg. But we made the meeting happen at the end of the day and had a great meeting in the evening.

Of course, the exciting part of the week was Facebook becoming approved thus starting online proselyting in the Berlin mission. The Lord and His prophets repeatedly say that the gospel will reach every nation and tongue on the planet. Spencer W Kimball said that we need to “find a way” to make that happen. Elder Bednar stated clearly that Facebook is the tool that we have in missionary work that will help us to “flood the world.” To say the least, we are thrilled. And we expect things to really take off. Last Saturday we pulled 16 missionaries together from around the mission and trained them to use Facebook for missionary purposes. Over the next few weeks we will train and test and train and test and we expect slowly more and more missionaries to start online proselyting in Facebook. This won’t take away our normal form of missionary work on the streets, but rather enhance and accelerate it. For the generation of people ages 15-28, the main method of contact is through social media. We are excited to reach out and help others in more creative ways. It yeah…it was super weird posting stuff on Facebook the other day.

In other news, our investigator Maryam will be getting baptized on Sunday. We are suuuuuper excited! And will continue working with her a buch this week despite juggling a crazy schedule. We hope to use Facebook and video chats when we are on the go this upcoming week to make sure lessons are being taught every day. The work continues to move. We are simply trying to keep up with the Lord’s speed. We are really watching things hasten out here…it’s exciting to be a part of it.

In ending, I loved conference. Lots of words that hit me hard and really just filled me. I haven’t seen the last session yet which includes Elder Christoffersen, my fav, but a couple of talks touched me… I loved Elder Sabin’s talk about being all in. I also loved President Uchtdorf’s talk in priesthood in what it means to serve–and that they most important calling in the world is the one we have right now. And to selflessly serve in that capacity. My favorite talk (thus far) was from Elder Holland who taught us to sing with OUR voice in the “Lord’s great choir.” And not try to sing with the voice of somebody else’s. The loss of one voice diminishes the voice of every other singer. Each of God’s children is unique, and contributes a lot to the big picture. It’s our goal to get back to Heavenly Father. It’s also HIS goal to have us back.

God loves His children. All of them. As we learn from Elder Holland, one day the “Lord’s choir” will sing the final song- and luckily “the seats for this particular number are limitless.” As I said, God loves His children. A lot.

I love you all! Take care!

Elder Nearon

  1. Waiting for the tow truck.
  2. Selfie with President’s car (posted this on Facebook).
  3. The combo
  4. Giant banner is up! On the stake center here in Berlin. Β It’s massive.
  5. Elder Sabin’s wise words.
  6. With Elder Sabin
  7. Elder Holland quote



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