Late in the 4th Quarter

Hey friends and family,

After a great week of working with members and missionaries on the Easter initiative, this week was dedicated to making online proselyting come to life. We are the first mission in Europe (except for London and London south) that is authorized to use Facebook. This past week we visited the Zone conferences and gave training on how to effectively use Facebook to make our work far more efficient. Of course face to face is how missionary work, works. But Facebook will help us to get new opportunities and to reach more people than ever. Elder Bednar said that it’s an essential tool in the latter days.

This past week, after posting a couple of things about Christ, Elder Lex and I received a friend request from a man. We asked him if he knew us and he said “no, but I saw you posted a picture of Jesus, and I was attracted to that.” He chatted, exchanged stories over Facebook chat. He told us all about his faith and how he had just read the Bible for the first time in his life. We then met with him two hours later, shared a thought, gave him a Book of Mormon and made our another appointment. Can you believe that? Things like this are happening every day, it’s really amazing. The members are also really stoked that we are on Facebook. It gives them another way to help us. Instead of “cheering in the stands,” it shows members to how to “play with us on the field.” In any case, the Lord is hastening His work.

The Easter initiative #FürstDesFriedens is in full swing. You’ve probably seen in pictures, but our car is wrapped with #FürstDesFriedens and a big pictures of Jesus. It’s always fun when we are driving through Berlin or other cities in the mission. We roll down the windows and tell anyone and everyone to watch the video on Red lights, cross walks, sometimes we drove slowly and just start talking to random people. It’s fun–we’ve had some great experiences. Lots of funny ones too. Just trying to be effective while having a car!!

You may have seen my post on Facebook. As a mission we are doing exactly what our prophet and his apostles tell us to do. We are reading every day in the Book of Mormon daily as well as closely studying the words and acts of Jesus Christ. You too??


An update with Maryam–she will be getting baptized next week in Neukölln along with her sister! That’s good news! Both of their husbands are new members so this is exciting. Eternal families!!

FYI- next week will be my last mass email as a missiaonry before I go home. So stay tuned, it’ll be a really really good one. Yes, I know…I’m near the end. It’s the fourth quarter, but there’s still plenty of time left on the clock!! I will do what I’ve been doing since day one– Just go harder and harder. Nehemiah of the Old Testament says “I am doing a great work, so that I cannot come down.” I love this work, I loooooove Berlin! Catch me next week for one last time!

You guys really are the best.

Elder Nearon

Pictures (not in this order)

1) Temple selfie
2) W/ Elder Miller
3) W/ Sister Busche– goonin
4) Berlin and Leipzig zone in front of Berlin stake center
5) Das Wort Gottes
6) With Elder Ausobsky and our good friend, Manfred
7) Kathi- my 12 year old secret agent



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