“I’ve Learned for Myself”

Dear family, friends and fellow missionaries,
2 cities, 4 wards, 8 companions and 2 years later…Oliver Cowdry said it best, “These were days never to be forgotten..”
It’s weird to think that two years have gone by since I walked into the MTC in spring 2015 being excited but really having no idea what was about to happen. Guys, these past two years in Berlin have been remarkable and have changed my life forever. As I write you all my final letter, I want to end with a few thoughts.
God loves His children. All of them- and He wants them to all come back to Him! The mission is crazy in that every day you go out and you help real people with very real needs. And God Himself trusts us enough to let us be a part of it. I’m grateful that our perfect Heavenly Father allows very imperfect people like me to be a part of his work.  We learn in the scriptures (D&C 29:5) that Christ is our advocate- He’s got our backs. I’ve seen the hand of Christ help those with family problems, addictions, severe persecution and other heart break/problems. It’s amazed me to watch people overcome these hardships and find peace and joy. Jesus Christ is real, and sadly most of the world doesn’t know that. He died for you, me, and everyone we see around us. On the street, in the subways, everywhere. He died for everyone. God loves us and He gave us His Son so that we can some day return home! I will say, helping people get to know Christ and make covenants with God has been the source of priceless, special memories and experiences that I will hold onto forever.
Berlin. I didn’t go through Berlin, Berlin went through me. As many of you know, I spent almost my whole mission, 20 months in the city of Berlin (other months were MTC and Göttingen). To me, Berlin isn’t just a giant, historic city in Europe that I preached the gospel in. To me, it’s like holy ground! It’s a special place, it has a large piece of my heart and it’s played a huge role in continuing to shape me to the person I am becoming.  In Berlin I made special friends, have had wonderful investigators and converts, and it’s been the home of the biggest spiritual growth for me in my life. Leaving this city and my many friends here will be very, very hard.
Everyone is called to their mission for a reason, and the Germany Berlin mission was perfect for me. The people I met, the experiences I had as well as the mission president and wife, who I worked with my whole mission long, were all things that I needed to grow into who I am to become- according to the Lord. I love my mission President and his wife with all my heart. I was privileged to serve really close to them and learn many, many lessons about life. I cherish this relationship. I am grateful for the Berlin mission!
Guys, the experiences I have had on my mission have been priceless. I have had truly unbelievable experiences and sometimes it hard to believe they actually happened. Things that I just can’t put into words. They are simply indescribable- you just have to live it. I know that God loves His missionaries. He sends angels to help us, and He is constantly in the midst of us. He inspires, protects, helps, uplifts sustains and aspires.
When Elder Ballard visited our mission 18 months ago, Elder Kearon, who also spoke that night taught us, “After all that I have experienced, observed and learned, what will I do now?”
I will follow Jesus Christ. I want to walk with Him. I will continue to proudly be one of His disciples and commit to always living the way HIS people live. To pray always, study the scriptures, and to relentlessly serve and minister to others. And very important, I will constantly share His gospel to everyone who desires to learn more. I have seen the things that His gospel can do.
It’s comes down to this: The church is true. And His gospel heals souls- I’ve seen it over and over and over and over again on my mission. It does. The gospel is perfect. I’m grateful for the two years I’ve had in Berlin that have forever charged me and the nature of who I am. Thank you all for your love and support throughout these months. I look forward to seeing you all next week!
Liebe Grüße,
Elder Ryan Nearon
April 15, 2017 – Berlin
Homecoming details
Open House: Saturday April 22, 6:00-8:00 pm at my house in Danville. If you need the address let me know
Mission Report:  Sunday April 23 655 Old Orchard Dr, Danville, CA 94526, USA
I will speak in two different wards: 
11:00 am Tassajara Ward (my ward)
1:00 pm Danville 1st Ward. 
** both homecoming talks will take place in the same church building.
I don’t know what I’m doing with bunnies (ft Kathi Fingerle). In any case, happy Easter!

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